Shenye Industrial
Specialized chemical enterprises of zinc ingots and zinc sulfate products
Hotline:+86-15679333777 +86-13588377799

Enterprise tenet:  develop enterprise and serve society

1. Enterprise tenet is the existing meaning of an enterprise.
2. Enterprise mission means an enterprise only develops on vigorous vitality.
3. Enterprise should serve society.

Entrepreneurship:  people first, technology-oriented and quality esteemed
Business policy:  Independent Management, self accumulation, self development
Business principles:  trust first, quality first and win-win

Company Add
Add:Industrial Zone,Qianshan County,Shangrao City,Jiangxu Province,China.
Service Tel
Contact:He Xiaofei +86-15679333777
Gao Lihong +86-18879378091
Company E-mail
E-mail:[email protected]
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